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5 Tips for Forklift Maintenance and Safety

Answered September 04 2019

The top five tips for maintaining your forklifts and overall safety include inspecting your forklifts on a daily basis, checking the tires, cleaning regularly, following the instruction manual’s recommendations, and dealing with all issues as soon as they arise.

Why are they important? How should you go about implementing them into your already busy workday? How do these tips directly influence your general forklift maintenance and everyday safety?

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Why These Tips?

Each of these five tips centers around maintaining your equipment both in the short run and for the longer term that you’ll be using it for. Let’s take another look at them.

  1. Inspect your forklifts on a daily basis
  2. Check the tires
  3. Implement regular cleaning processes
  4. Follow the instruction manual’s recommendations
  5. Deal with all issues as they come up

Here, regular/scheduled maintenance (daily through yearly), corrective, preventive, and planned maintenance are all covered. A closer look shows that these all come under the heading of machinery maintenance and their particular processes and technicians. These last are for when things need deeper maintenance from time to time.

How to Implement These Tips

At first glance, much of this seems to be common sense. On the warehouse floor, it’s a different story. These five tips are very easy to gloss over as the best of employees get tired and forget things.

The best way to implement these tips is to make them part of your warehouse routine. While it is hard to break old patterns, the benefits to your workers’ safety are always worth the extra steps. As more people continue to understand that, the new routines will take root and help everyone else out.

Note: There are many different kinds of maintenance. These tips hit many of the most common sorts. Which kinds of maintenance do you perform on a regular basis?

Implications of Forklift Maintenance

Finally, it’s important to remember that overall equipment maintenance affects all employees, from the technicians to the CEO. It concerns individual workers’ safety, so it is, therefore, vital for equipment’s and company’s functionality.

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