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How do I get a job as a facility manager?

Answered April 25 2019

There are a few paths you could take to get a job as a facility manager. Management positions require both familiarity with the industry as well as business know-how, so you’ll want to find ways to get both of those under your belt.

While the only strict requirement for education is a high school degree or GED, I’d advise getting at least some higher-level education as well. There are a few accredited degrees in facilities management specifically, but a degree in business management could work too. The key is you need training in management practices and business operations.

If you already have a degree or an FM-related position, you might go for some professional training or certification. BOMI International, for instance, offers courses specifically geared toward FM.

Aside from formal education and training, I’d highly recommend getting at least some industry experience. Facilities management is an industry that highly respects practical experience, and with good reason—you never really learn what’s involved in the process until you’ve actually been there yourself.

Some FM departments will even show preference toward someone with decades on the work floor and no degree over someone who has a degree alone. That’s not always the case, and a degree can still get your foot in the door a lot of the time, but having practical experience does expand your options.

So, with all that in mind, there are a few paths you might take:

  • Start off as an entry-level employee and work your way up, getting certified along the way
  • Get a bachelor’s degree in Business Management or FM, then look for facilities management positions
  • Get a bachelor’s degree while working in a lower-level position

You should also keep in mind the skill set you’ll need for this position. If you can provide real examples of the following skills on your resume, so much the better:

  • Attention to detail and quality control
  • Analytical skills and critical thinking
  • Communication, both written and spoken
  • Leadership skills
  • Technology and computer skills

To sum up, get some training, focus on your skills, and get whatever experience you can.

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