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What trends do I need to watch in healthcare that will affect maintenance?

Answered August 13 2019

Some of the top trends in healthcare today are mergers, micro-hospitals, rising costs, and infection concerns. All of these have implications for facilities maintenance departments. According to Facility Executive, innovative approaches are required to address the resulting facilities maintenance challenges.

Unprecedented Collaboration

Not only are hospitals and health systems merging, but more organizations are creating cross-industry partnerships. The medical community is working closer than ever with one another, pharmaceutical companies, and health insurance providers. For facilities managers, this will require even greater transparency in how goods and services move between and within physical buildings as well as disparate, disconnected buildings and systems to care for.

Tip: Use a CMMS to purchase and track inventory and manage work orders among different locations. 

More Community Locations

Although healthcare systems themselves are expanding, their use of buildings will move toward a non-centralized collection of smaller community locations. This trend is designed to address a neighborhood’s healthcare needs before they become acute and more costly. As a result, facilities managers will need to have a computerized system like a CMMS in place that can not only consolidate system-wide data but be easily accessible to mobile technicians servicing these scattered facilities.

Cost Crunch

The cost-per-patient continues to rise, putting pressure on all healthcare divisions to find affordable ways to do more with less. Facilities managers will need to rely on technology such as sensors and the Internet of Things to collect critical information on facility systems, allowing them to provide preventive and predictive maintenance quickly and efficiently.

Infection Worries

Resistant strains of bacteria and viruses will continue to plague hospitals. Finding ways to combat hospital-acquired infections will trickle down the facilities maintenance departments who must cope with aging buildings and infrastructure. Design, maintenance processes, and systems such as ventilation can all play a role in increasing or alleviating the problem.

Tip: Use a CMMS to purchase and track inventory and manage work orders among different locations. 

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