What are common preventive maintenance checklists for trucks and fleets?

Common preventive maintenance tasks for trucks and fleets must be customized to fit the individual vehicle and its usage pattern. Preventative maintenance allows fleet managers to schedule maintenance tasks in advance. Strong preventative maintenance programs ensure teams complete work orders without spending extra time, labor, and money.

Preventative maintenance is essential for any fleet company to succeed. This article will help you understand the different types of fleet maintenance tasks and provide preventive maintenance examples of fleet maintenance schedules. After reading this article, you will feel prepared to improve your fleet maintenance preventative maintenance program.

A checklist of preventative maintenance tasks for trucks and fleet
This is an example of the types of tasks you would find on a preventative maintenance checklist for trucks and fleet.

Types of Fleet Maintenance

Most businesses or organizations operating a fleet might have a group of trucks or cars that perform the same task.

For example, a delivery company will operate trucks or vans that do a great deal of idling and low-speed driving through neighborhoods. In this case, scheduling preventive maintenance tasks based on engine hours may make more sense than scheduling tasks based on mileage or time.

Service companies are another industry that requires vehicle maintenance. People who drive police vehicles or taxis may log a great deal of city driving. Some fleets may experience greater wear and tear because multiple drivers use them. These vehicles may need more frequent maintenance on items, such as braking systems.

Fleets involve vehicles that could operate in hazardous locations. For example, some industrial fleets may operate in dusty or harsh environments. In this case, you may want to employ electronic monitoring devices to consider the condition of vehicles or backhoes.

Tip: Manage the unique needs of your fleet through a CMMS to ensure that vehicle-specific maintenance is performed on time.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Fleet

It can be challenging for a fleet manager to keep track of these tasks, especially if they are on a pen and paper checklist. A fleet manager can use a CMMS to keep track of the many details that could get lost in the paper shuffle. In doing so, a fleet manager can equip their maintenance team with the tools to reduce equipment downtime and increase productivity.

Empower and Reward Driver Observation

Although preventive maintenance tasks can be scheduled, the drivers know the needs of their vehicles best. Sometimes, a driver can notice an issue that is not in the PM schedule. Be sure to give your drivers and operators an easy, accessible way to report problems and issues they experience.

Drivers should be required to report safety-related items such as tire issues, soft brakes, and worn wiper blades. If they notice that the vehicle has a rough idle or misfires, they should alert the maintenance department immediately. The faster the problem is addressed, the lower the cost and likelihood of complete breakdown. Any issues such as windshield cracks or body damage should be addressed as well.

Consider integrating a mobile app that can be used on a smart phone to report driver-observed issues easily. Fleet managers who use a CMMS can improve bottom-line savings by implementing preventative maintenance schedules.