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How do I create awareness of my facility’s new CMMS?

Answered May 27 2019

Even when an organization properly implements CMMS software, there’s no guarantee that employees will begin using it of their own accord (or even know that it exists). This makes a public awareness campaign a vital part of CMMS implementation – in fact, this sort of education can be considered a form of training as well.

There are a few useful strategies for publicizing a new CMMS at a facility.

1. Mandatory training materials
Having stellar training material is great but ultimately ineffective if no one looks at them. In these cases, having mandatory training courses (and a way to track those courses) is a good method of getting employees to both understand and to use the new CMMS.

2. Constant communication
It’s also extremely important to have always-open lines of communication to all stakeholders in a CMMS implementation. That means emailing employees and letting them know that it’s ready to be used, keeping managers aware of your progress, and continuously training and educating.

3. Provide incentives
Sometimes, awareness is not necessarily the problem but attitude – employees may feel like the new system isn’t necessary, or they may be wary to use new technology. In these events, it can be useful to offer incentives to use the system (and especially to use the system properly).

An important note: this doesn’t mean financial incentives. It’s entirely possible to motivate people without using money. For instance, you can recognize the person with the most useful work orders, or the person who submitted a solution that resulted in huge cost savings.

4. Allow experimentation
As people begin to use new software, it’s nice to have a sandbox environment to experiment and figure out how it works. CMMS software is no different. Allowing employees to have hands-on access early in the process creates early adopters of the technology (and that word of mouth is invaluable).

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