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What software do I need to use for facility maintenance?

Answered April 20 2019

You need our software! How’s that for a hard sell? Obviously, our team at Upkeep believes that we offer the best maintenance software for your business. However, for the sake of this question, I’ll step back and share some general features that you should be looking for in your facility maintenance software solution.


Anytime you want to add a software solution to your business, you want it to be intuitive and simple to learn. After all, software is supposed to make employees’ jobs easier and save you time and money. The last thing you want your maintenance solution to do is to keep your technicians bogged down in trying to figure out how to extract or record information correctly.

In addition, be sure maintenance information can be accessed both in the office and on the road. After all, technicians are going to be onsite for the majority of their work, and they will need to access and record data as they work.

Task Automation

Your facility maintenance software should be able to automate regular and routine maintenance tasks. Enter those required tasks once, select the frequency of completion, and watch the software generate automatic to-do lists for your technicians each day.

If your technicians note problems while they are performing routine inspections, they should be able to flag that data in your software system so that it can be conveniently scheduled for repair. Task automation plays a critical role in increasing facility maintenance efficiency.

Live Reporting

Don’t wait until the end of the day to evaluate how your technicians are performing or where resources are being used. Find a software solution that provides live reporting so that your facility managers can easily see what’s going on via a real-time dashboard. By having up-to-the-second data, you can make decisions regarding resources, equipment, and staff as the day rolls on.

Strategy Support

By selecting a strong facility maintenance software system, you can free up your manager’s time for more strategic tasks. Delegate all those mundane operational decisions to your software and reallocate your human intelligence to plan, collaborate, and problem solve instead.

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