What are the best blogs to read for the manufacturing industry?

Answered August 20 2019

The top five blogs to read if you're in (or curious about) the manufacturing industry are:

These five resources will answer everything you've ever wondered about in regards to manufacturing.

upkeep, cmms, onupkeep.com

The Importance of Keeping Up

Every manufacturing industry worker, from the CEO to the newest hire, generally has some curiosity and questions about their work. These blogs satisfy that curiosity in a way that not many other sites can.

At a glance, the five different blog titles cover a lot of different topics in the manufacturing industry. That’s not a coincidence. The manufacturing industry is quietly changing at a speed that it never has before. Diversity, innovation, and marketing are only some of the trends shaping manufacturing today, and they won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Each blog discussed here approaches the manufacturing industry from a different lens and collectively they cover a wide variety of subjects. However, the bottom line is the same: guiding everyone in manufacturing through any changes that the industry undergoes.

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Breaking It Down

Out of our top five picks, Industrial Marketing Today and Women In Manufacturing are two of the best industrial industry niche blogs out there. Even if you are not in the exact niche yourself, they showcase a great view of where the industrial world is going and how everyone is getting there. Industrial Marketing Today is particularly good for smaller manufacturers to learn specific techniques on who to market to and how to sell your products.

On the other hand, The Cerasis Blog and Manufacturing Innovation offer a solid all-around knowledge base that you can use to increase your industry skills. Both sites cover a wide array of topics from highly specific scenarios to best practices and almost everything in between.

Finally, The National Association of Manufacturers is where you can reach manufactures around the nation and see what they deal with and how they can help you. While it may not be the be-all and end-all, it’s a great jumping-off point into more niche subjects that you may be dealing with or that you would like to find answers for today.

And who knows what else you’ll find along the way by diving into these blogs?