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What industries can use IIoT sensors?

Answered August 08 2019

Any industry that uses or maintains equipment can make use of Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) sensors. A few of them include:

  • Agriculture and farming
  • Healthcare
  • Restaurants and hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Home and vehicle
  • Fleet management
  • Oil and gas
  • Retail

Note: Each industry has its own specific applications for IoT sensors.


Agricultural settings may use sensors in the following ways:

  • Weather stations containing multiple sensors that allow farmers to plan crops and yields
  • Smart irrigation and sprinkler systems
  • Livestock and crop monitoring
  • Equipment monitoring, such as on tractors, balers, and other equipment, to track fuel and functionality, manage maintenance, etc.

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Medicine and healthcare can benefit from IoT sensors in several ways:

  • Remote health monitoring, also known as telehealth
  • Virtual medical hardware monitoring to make sure critical emergency equipment is always ready
  • Tracking for inventory, staff, and patients

Restaurants and hospitality

Restaurants and other food services rely on various forms of equipment, meaning there are many uses for IoT sensors:

  • Stock management, such as monitoring the amounts of a beverage used
  • Kitchen equipment monitoring
  • Utilities and energy management

Manufacturing and construction

Manufacturing, construction, and other industries that use heavy equipment have many uses for IoT sensors, including:

  • Equipment monitoring and condition-based maintenance
  • Automated production and building processes
  • Safety and compliance, such as by triggering fail-safes and automatic shutoffs

Home and vehicle

For those who work on homes, serve homeowners, or repair vehicles, IoT can perform a number of functions:

  • Home security, with motion sensors and locks connected to remote monitoring stations
  • Automated heating and cooling
  • Vehicle telematics tracking to track location, fuel usage, speed, etc.

Fleet management

To reduce the costs of managing a fleet, IoT can fulfill these roles:

  • Tracking fuel usage and managing refueling stations
  • Vehicle health monitoring for maintenance planning
  • Driver behavior tracking using various onboard sensors

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Oil and gas industry

Oil refineries and similar industries use IoT sensors to manage their equipment.

  • Predicting breakdowns on remote, hard-to-access assets in the field
  • Detection of leakages and other safety hazards
  • Tracking moving equipment such as trucks and other vehicles


Finally, IoT sensors also see use in retail:

  • Equipment monitoring, especially for food product storage and management
  • Vehicle tracking and route optimization for efficient fulfilling of inventory
  • Foot traffic monitoring to improve customer service

Implementing IoT sensors

IoT sensors require some upfront costs, so they’re best used to handle critical processes or equipment.

Note: A cost savings assessment using data can help you find the best way to use this technology in your industry.

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