Should I use an EAM or a CMMS for my property?

When a company is trying to decide between an EAM or CMMS system for their property management, it’s a good idea to look at the needs of the company and the capacities of each system to discover what is best in each situation. Either one may be a perfect fit, and the differences lie in what specific organizations and processes need.

Let’s start with the definitions of these systems and what they offer you in order to discover which one you should use for your company’s needs.

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What are they?

Simply put, EAM (enterprise asset managment) software systems are systems that collect and analyze data throughout the life cycle of all physical assets that a company uses. A CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) system tracks maintenance that happens on equipment and assets.

A CMMS system may even fit or nicely within an EAM system!

What does each one offer my company?

Both systems offer a suite of organizational tools. Like other toolsets, the one that you use depends on your needs. A CMMS system is a great small-scale or starter system, while an EAM system is a more comprehensive system for larger companies.

CMMS systems can also be easier to learn and use because they are smaller. CMMS training is accessible to anyone and everyone, and user adoption is typically very successful. On the other hand, EAM systems generally require people to be specially trained in order for the company to reach this type of software’s full potential.

Which system is best for my needs?

At the end of the day, it is definitely a question of scale, assets, and resources. EAM systems are designed for much bigger companies than CMMS systems are. CMMS vendors offer a more tailored approach for companies that don’t need massive capacity from their software.

Regardless, both systems are there to take your company to the next level and carry you to future success.