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#2019WorkOrders – A Year in Review

Ryan Chan

Looking back and moving forward

As the sun sets on 2019 and the decade comes to a close, this time of year calls for reflection. Here at UpKeep, we think a lot about the people who matter most – you! Customer commitment is one of our top cultural values here. Our CEO, Ryan, even turned his car into an UpKeepMobile to celebrate how customer-obsessed he is.

Our customers are our #1 priority and we are always updating our product with your feedback to make your lives simpler and your assets run more smoothly.

We’ve been looking back on all of our UpKeep customers’ big highlights this past year. We found out some really cool things!!

Your #2019WorkOrders were mind-blowing.

Your work orders were sometimes urgent.

66223 work orders were urgent in 2019

And your work orders made you laugh.

198 work orders had the words lol/haha

Teamwork made the dreamwork in 2019.

Work orders are positive

Sometimes, the stars aligned for your work orders.

78 HVACs needed repair while Mercury was in retrograde

And sometimes the stars didn’t align. Especially during the series finale of Game of Thrones..

New Years was a time to relax.

1931 work orders were completed on January 1

Weekends were also times to unwind.

9% of workorders are completed on the weekend

HVACs were also ~unwinding~

3444 HVACs needed repair over the last 30 days

Early risers were on the rise in 2019!

47% of all work orders are completed between 6 am and 11 am

Admins, technicians, requesters, and equipment all needed their sleep!

The least popular time for work order completion is between 11 pm and 2 am

Most of your work orders were reactive.

29% of work orders were recurring while 71% of work orders were reactive

Temperature sensors were beginning to heat up in July, and your work order record was also on 🔥🔥🔥

July 15th was the most popular day to complete work orders

Wishing you, your teams, and your families a healthy and happy 2020 from your friends at UpKeep!!

Happy Holidays from UpKeep

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