Android 3.22 August 16, 2019: Floor Plans


Android 3.27: November 15, 2019


Android 3.18 May 31, 2019: Required Fields For Closing Work Orders and Filtering Meters

Calling all of those who want data integrity! After this week's product update, UpKeep's Android users can now set required fields when completing work orders! This enables UpKeep administrators to enforce data integrity and ensure they receive all of the necessary data they need to effectively run reporting and manage their facilities. Android users will see an additional tab titled "Completing Work Order" when they navigate to Settings and select Work Order Configuration. Once navigating to this new tab, administrators can select Required, Optional, or Hidden for the desired fields:

Android 3.19 June 27, 2019: Bookmarking

It's an exciting day for UpKeep's Android users! In this week's release we enabled Android users with the ability to bookmark work orders! When viewing the work order list or the details of a specific work order, users will notice a new bookmark icon.

Android Release 3.17 May 16, 2019: Meter Reading as a Form Item and Asset and Location Redesigns

It's finally here! UpKeep's Android users can now add meter readings as a form item in their work orders. We heard from our customers that meter readings are a task that will commonly be required when conducting and completing a work order. We recognized that it was tedious to enter a meter reading on a work order as a numerical form item and then making the same update to the relevant meter. With this new addition, technicians can enter a meter reading directly to a work order and have it update the relevant meter in real-time.

Android: View Work Orders Offline

Android 3.23 : August 30, 2019: Apply Required Fields to Requests and People List Redesign

With this week's product release, UpKeep's Android users now have extra reinforcement in enforcing data integrity for work orders being created. When UpKeep admins set the required fields for creating a work, those requirements will also be applied when creating requests. This ensures administrators receive all the necessary data they need from their requesters upon the first submission. This will help to increase efficiency and improve turnaround time in addressing requests. Once the required fields have been set, an asterisk will appear on all required fields on the "Add Request" form:

Android 3.25.0 October 25, 2019: Set of Parts

It's a big day for UpKeep's Android users! Set of parts has made it's way to all Android devices and we could not be more excited to share it with all of you! Creating a set of parts allows users to group parts in their inventory so they can easily be added to an asset and/or work order with just one touch!

Android Release Notes

August 21, 2020

March 27th, 2019 Android Release 3.13.0: Single Sign On and Required Fields for Data Integrity

We've got some awesome new updates in our newest Android release 3.13.0