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Announcing the UpKeep Maintenance Scholarship WINNERS!!!

Ryan Chan

Meet the Winners of the UpKeep Maintenance Scholarship

Over the last several months, we have been collecting applications for our inaugural UpKeep Maintenance Scholarship. First, thank you so much to everyone who applied. We appreciate the time and thought you all put into your applications! Today, we are so excited to announce our three winners of $1,000 prizes!!!

The winners are…

upkeep maintenance scholarship, john fini

John Fini

John is the National Reliability Manager for Rehrig Pacific Company. I recently was responsible for implementing a CMMS at their seven manufacturing locations. John is planning to use his UpKeep Maintenance Scholarship to attend “Hands On” Hydraulic Troubleshooting training. He says, “I will be able to use this information to continue the development of our lubrication program, which will be integrated with out CMMS.”

upkeep maintenance scholarship, mckay jaussi

McKay Jaussi

McKay is a facility management student at Brigham Young University. He has been working in the industry already and working closely with maintenance and maintenance systems. Most recently, McKay had an internship where he recorded hundreds of assets such as air handlers, pumps, transformers, etc. After recording the information on the equipment, we researched the best practices for maintenance. With his UpKeep Maintenance Scholarship, McKay will finish his degree to become a facility manager. McKay shared, “As a facility management student, I learn about mechanical systems and how they are built and maintained. I hope to use this education to start a career in the facility management industry to provide a good living for my family.”

Arturo Cuevas

Arturo Cuevas is a Senior Parking Representative at UCLA. Arturo is in charge of pay station maintenance on UCLA’s campus and would like to learn more about Parking Management Skills. With the UpKeep Maintenance Scholarship, Arturo will take the Certified Parking Professional course to become certified in all parts of the parking industry – operations, safety, finances, and HR, and more. Congrats, Arturo!

Congratulations John, McKay, and Arturo!

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