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Announcing UpKeep’s Client Bingo

Ryan Chan

What is Client Bingo?

In light of Mental Health Awareness Month, our Customer Success team created this bingo board to provide some fun relief to our customers who might be experiencing stress during this unique season. The board contains a variety of activities to encourage self-care and promote social impact. Some squares on the board are also specific tasks that only UpKeep customers can complete!

Client Bingo Rules

  • To play, you must be an UpKeep customer.
  • You must get five squares in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally).
  • Once you have obtained five in a row, tag us on LinkedIn and say “BINGO”!
  • You have until Friday, May 22 to get bingo!


There will be three winners, based on who calls out bingo first, second, and third!


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