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April 11, 2019: Purchase Order Filters, Purchase Order Logo, Add Purchase Order from Parts

Ryan Chan

This week we have made some exciting updates to help streamline purchase orders for our customers. Our customers let us know that locating specific purchase orders under their account could be a struggle. To end the struggle, we added new and improved filtering for purchase orders that will allow UpKeep users to search their purchase orders by criteria such as vendors, total cost, users assigned, and many more!

Purchase Order Filters

Not only did we want to make locating purchase orders easier for our users but we also gave purchase orders a more personalized look and feel. Each purchase order will now have the company logo in the top left corner. The addition of the company logo helps vendors identify purchase orders with a quick glance and unifies all purchase orders under an account.

Purchase Order Logo

We are always thinking of ways to help our customers get their work done faster and more efficiently. With this in mind, we have enabled our customers with the ability to create purchase orders directly from the Parts page. When viewing the detail information for a part, there is a new “Create purchase order” button which our users can select and get the purchase order process started. With the click of this new button, the purchase order form will not only appear but it will have the specific part information filled out and ready to go! Just enter the title and any other information necessary and send that purchase order on its merry way!

Create Purchase Order from Parts


Our customers let us know it could be an annoyance to gather additional information regarding parts included in a work order. Before this week’s release, users would see a list of parts associated with a work order but would have to navigate to the Parts page and search for the specific part to learn more about it. To rid our customers of that annoyance, we turned each part name listed on the work order a link to its relevant details page. Now our customers can go directly from a work order to the part details they need.

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