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April 2, 2019 Android Release 3.14.0 Work Order Required Fields and Cost Tracking

Cost Tracking

Tracking cost for Android users just got a whole lot better. In today’s release we enhanced cost tracking for work orders by adding the ability to add additional costs and cost categories. With these new capabilities, admins now have a full picture of where their money is being spent in a new and improved cost log. Those entering the cost can now provide a detailed description of the cost and all relevant details.

Work Order Details Screen:

Detailed Log View:

Work Order Required Fields

Not only do Android users now have more insight into their work order costs but they can also enforce data integrity for all work orders being created under their account by setting required fields. You can now set required fields when creating a work order to cover things like ensuring all work orders have an asset, or priority assigned to them before getting created.

You can set these required fields by selecting Settings > Work Order Configuration

Check it out for yourself!

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