Web Product Releases

April 4, 2019: Webhooks

Ryan Chan

Get ready to share UpKeep data in real-time! This week we released Webhooks. This new feature allows our users to share data – in addition to sharing work orders – from their UpKeep account to other applications immediately. We heard from our customers that our APIs are extremely helpful for certain features such as Reporting and our Customized Dashboards, but many of our customers also wanted the ability to set up two-way integrations with other applications they use outside of the UpKeep platform. For example, many of our customers use Quickbooks as their accounting solution. Currently, our APIs can be used to pull data in timed increments such as every 5 minutes, every hour, or any timeframe desired.

But now, when using Webhooks our customers don’t have to wait any amount of time to get the data they want. Webhooks enables our customers to push data in real-time and sync their applications with UpKeep as events are taking place within their account. For example, for every work order that is closed, the total cost can be sent to Quickbooks as soon as the work order status is changed to “Completed”.  Any event within your UpKeep account can trigger the sharing of your data in an instant!



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