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How do I become a great facility manager?

Ryan Chan

If you’re interested in finding out what truly separates a good facility manager versus a great facility manager, read on. I can say the biggest difference is whether you are proactive or not.

1 – Good facility managers will put fires out on a day to day basis and great ones will constantly be thinking about prevention.

Great facility managers will be organized with their entire team. They’ll have a running log of all of their work for clients. They can precisely answer, what are my next major tasks, how much time/money am I spending, and how can we improve our workflow. At the end of the day, facility managers want to move from reactive to proactive mindset.

2 – Good facility managers will be crossing their fingers the next HVAC system doesn’t go down. Great facility managers will already have a plan in place for if and when that happens.

Things happen. There is absolutely no doubt about that. Issues come up and a great facility manager will know exactly how to respond if and when these things happen. I recently read an article where it talked about 80% of maintenance could not have been prevented by following a normal preventative maintenance schedule. So, having an action plan in place for if and when these things happen is critical.

3 – Good facility managers will have a team of technicians that they oversee. GREAT facility managers will allow their team to be autonomous and constantly strive for being better.

At the end of the day you are a manager. You are managing a team and this is just good leadership skills. A great leader and manager will pave the path for his employees to walk through the jungle themselves. He doesn’t need to hold their hand along the way.

Hopefully this helps! One great way to stay on top of your facility management needs is through a CMMS or Facility Management Software system. We built UpKeep for this purpose and to help facility managers!

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