Which is better for data collection and inventory tracking: barcodes or RFID and why?

Ryan Chan

There are many advantages to using both RFID tags and barcodes to manage inventory and track data. In short — RFID tags last longer and are more sturdy, but has a more complex setup process. However, barcodes are quick/simple, easy to get started, and can be scanned from any mobile device.

As a company, we prefer barcodes. They fit into UpKeep’s CMMS and allows anyone to create a barcode from the application, print it out and start tracking inventory.

One of the best parts of barcodes is that they can be used immediately from a mobile device that has scanning capabilities. New smartphones can now utilize the camera to scan barcodes and pull up that product’s information.

Learn how to create barcodes within UpKeep and use our mobile application to start scanning your assets and inventory!



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