Operations & Maintenance

Calculator to track maintenance metrics: Schedule Compliance, Maintenance Efficiency, Downtime Cost, and more

Ryan Chan

Cost of Downtime

Equipment downtime refers to the amount of time that equipment is not operating, whether that’s a result of unplanned equipment failure (like a fault or broken part) or planned downtime (like necessary downtime for preventive maintenance). Use this calculator to tell how much every hour of downtime is costing your business.

Planned Maintenance Percentage

Planned maintenance percentage (PMP) is a percentage that describes the amount of maintenance time used towards planned maintenance tasks, which is measured against the total amount of maintenance hours in a given time period (weeks, months, years). Use this calculator to see and benchmark whether your team is spending more time being reactive versus proactive.

Schedule Compliance

Schedule compliance is a maintenance metric that measures the percentage of work orders completed on or before the due date over a given period of time. Use this calculator to see whether or not your team is following schedule of your planned work orders.

Maintenance Efficiency Score

Use the maintenance efficiency score to see how productive your team is over time.

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