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Areas streamlines maintenance to bring top restaurants back up to speed

Areas is a leader in Food & Beverage services, as well as Travel Retail in some of the largest airports in the United States. While handling high performing restaurants, including the number one selling California Pizza Kitchen in the world at LAX, Areas not only faced a high volume of traffic, but high volume of maintenance requests. The Areas team, starting with LAX, sought UpKeep as their innovative solution for managing work orders on the go, as well as, a system that all their employees can learn quickly. Due to the success at LAX, UpKeep has been implemented in two major functions run by Areas.


Customer Since: 2017

Industry: Food & Beverages

Areas manages vendors within major airports and large retail spaces. They are responsible for all aspects of vendor operations, including maintenance and inventory. Their main role is making sure that vendor requests are completed in a timely and optimal manner. Currently, UpKeep occupies two Areas locations, including LAX and the JFK Memorial Highway. They host large vendors such as BOA Steakhouse, California Pizza Kitchen, and Carl’s Juniors Specifically at LAX, they hold awards for having top performing restaurants.


Ung found UpKeep on the iOS App store after doing research on a few CMMS systems. The ease of download and quick startup process allowed him to test UpKeep without limitations. After doing a demo with the UpKeep team, Ung presented to upper management on how he felt UpKeep could bring value with the powerful mobile solution and user friendliness. He was able to teach the rest of his maintenance team within days and had the system fully implemented extremely fast. Through online tutorials, phone chats with the UpKeep team, and constant check-ins, not only was Ung able to get up and running, UpKeep has evolved with his team in bringing new features. One month later Ung was able to reduce downtime and manage work requests efficiently.


Previously, vendors managed by Areas relied on verbal, paper, and email communication to submit requests. Requests were falling through the cracks with no central system for storage. With a small maintenance team and high volume of requests, Areas spent a significant of time organizing a scattered system and traveling back and forth to their desks for new requests. Areas sought for a mobile solution to organize and delegate while on the job.


  • The ability to manage requests from all vendors through request portals and unlimited number of requesters
  • Ability to easily update requesters on the status of their tickets
  • Mobile solution to manage work orders at all locations of LAX
  • Increased visibility with upper management, ultimately leading to the opening of four new restaurants