Biggest Challenges with Today’s Facility Management Software?

Ryan Chan

Some of the biggest problems with today’s facility management software are that they are fragmented and simply not up to today’s modern technology standards.

Here’s what I mean…

In 2016 there are over 6.4 billion internet connected devices and over 2.4 billion smartphone users out there today. However, and I say this with a huge cringe, enterprise software more specifically, facility management software (CMMS Software) is way out of date. It is difficult to work with and really wasn’t designed for today’s modern age. So that’s the first issue.

I think the second issue with today’s software is that at the end of the day, a group collaboration tool for facility managers and technicians. BUT we are still sending emails, phone calls, stacking papers on our desk, AND now we have this digital system that we are supposed to input all of our data into…. No thanks… I truly believe that we need to begin integrating our chat, document management, and maintenance management software system into one. There simply is no need to have all of these fragmented solutions where some of them are plain and simple double entry data work.

So here are my two main issues with today’s facility management software. If you want to give UpKeep a try, would love for you to try it out! We’ve tried to design UpKeep to address these problems, but we always know that there is room to improve.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions as well and I’ll be more than happy to answer

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