Seven Attributes of a Highly Effective CMMS

Investing in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is no small feat for a company. While these systems are a necessity in today's wider world of maintenance, it’s hard to find the right one for your needs. This problem is exacerbated because most CMMS software hasn't proved to be effective.

Biggest Challenges with Today's Facility Management Software?

In 2016 there are over 6.4 billion internet connected devices and over 2.4 billion smartphone users out there today. However, and I say this with a huge cringe, enterprise software more specifically, facility management software (CMMS Software) is way out of date. It is difficult to work with and really wasn’t designed for today’s modern age. So that’s the first issue.

How to Create a Safety Checklist in UpKeep

Now more than ever, business leaders across the globe are coming up with novel ways and procedures to prioritize employee and facility safety. Federal and state-mandated guidelines are changing daily. With typical business flow in flux, many are wondering how they can use this time to enhance safety procedures for employees, especially essential businesses that are still operating, like food manufacturing facilities or hospitals.

Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Your CMMS

The statistics are illuminating: According to a 2017 report, poor maintenance strategies can lower a facility’s productive capacity up to 20 percent. Another study revealed last year that unplanned downtime could cost industrial manufacturers approximately $50 billion per year.

UpKeep Adds Maintenance Work Request Portal to Maintenance Management Software

UpKeep, maker of maintenance management software, announced today that it has added a new maintenance work request portal that enables property managers give their tenants access to a company request portal to create work requests which can be managed through UpKeep. The portal, available as a web application, is part of UpKeep's overall package of tools that help asset owners, such as property managers or facility managers, streamline the maintenance management process.

How to use modern technology for your facility

It seems easier to physically write down memos to communicate with facility members. And although there’s a risk of loss, keeping every piece of paperwork stowed in another office isn’t orderly, but it is familiar.

How to Calculate CMMS ROI: Software, Output & Value [+545% ROI]

Senior management is always looking for ways to increase a company’s profit margin and overall value. Some companies increase prices to make this happen; smart companies find other solutions. One of these solutions is reducing operating costs while creating the same output or more.

The State of CMMS Adoption in 2019

The CMMS is the most popular way for maintenance teams to track maintenance tasks and programs. In a survey UpKeep conducted with 271 maintenance managers, 39% of said they used a CMMS. Others stated using pen and paper (21%), spreadsheets (28%), or no system at all (12%).