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Congratulations, Ben and Roy!

Ryan Chan

Congratulations, Ben and Roy on your promotions from Sales Development Representative to Account Executive!!!!

A HUGE congratulations to two of our SDRs on their promotions to Account Executive, starting October 1st. We are so proud of everything that you’ve done for the team thus far. I can’t wait to see you both in this new role!!

Roy, you’ve had such an incredible journey so far at UpKeep! It’s been awesome to watch you grow into people’s go-to. You’ve really stepped up and become someone that new team members come to with questions and ask for advice. You’re a leader in within the SDR group! I can’t wait to see you come into your own as an AE and take each challenge in stride.

Ben, you are constantly cracking us up. You make every customer feel like you’re their friend from the moment they answer the phone, and you have us laughing right along with them. You’ve been such a great leader for the SDR team – tackling new projects head-on. Thank you for everything you did to help the entire sales organization in building out new processes for the SDR team that follows in your footsteps.

Congratulations again, Ben and Roy!!!

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