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Congratulations on Your Promotion, Heather!

Ryan Chan

Heather got PROMOTED!

We are so proud to announce that Heather will be promoted to Operations Manager effective this month!

Heather, you are such an integral part of our Operations Team, and you always go above and beyond to ensure every member of our UpKeep family feels supported and appreciated. We can not thank you enough for all that you do for UpKeep, even the things that sometimes go unnoticed. It goes to show that you never do anything for the recognition, but you do everything because you are thoughtful and care deeply for others. You are a huge reason why UpKeep is such an amazing place to work!

Caitlyn Young, our Chief of Staff, said the following about Heather’s contributions to the company, “Heather, I couldn’t be more proud of the leader you’ve become at our organization. It has been a pure joy watching you take every single challenge in the last year with an ‘Ok, let’s try it!’ attitude and how you’ve helped make UpKeep a special home for all of us today. To our customers, Heather was integral in launching our customer-obsessed content program. She personally interviewed people in our industry week after week to launch our Heroes in Maintenance stories, and went on-site to get photos and stories for our nation-wide marketing campaign that landed in the LA Times and NASDAQ tower. She includes hand-written notes with every swag gift to our customers, and follows their updates on Linkedin like they’re her closest friends. For our team, Heather is often the first person welcoming new employees on their first day. She’s the person we go to when our dongles fail us. She’s the last person out of a meeting cleaning up lunch, and she has never once missed a chance to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday. Behind the scenes, Heather has been on the frontline of our office move, working nights and weekends to make this as seamless as a transition as possible. She processes all of our customers check payments, plans all of our team bonding events, and so so so much more. Heather, CONGRATULATIONS! Today we celebrate all of your contributions to UpKeep. We CANNOT WAIT to see how you grow and thrive in the years to come.”

Congrats again, Heather! We are incredibly lucky to know you and have you on the team!

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