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UpKeep Update: Coupa Integration!

Ryan Chan

Introducing: UpKeep’s Integration with Coupa on Web

Business plus and enterprise users can now transfer approved purchase orders from Coupa into UpKeep.

Two incredibly powerful tools are teaming up to help your business teams keep track of maintenance purchase orders like never before.

We are so excited to announce that starting today, UpKeep is launching its integration with Coupa. Business plus and enterprise users can transfer approved purchase orders from Coupa into UpKeep! More than ever before, UpKeep admins can easily send important data like purchase orders containing the cost of asset repairs to upper management.

In this short overview, we’ll cover

  • What you can expect from the UpKeep Integration with Coupa
  • Who can access the UpKeep Integration with Coupa
  • How you can get started today

What you can expect from the UpKeep Integration with Coupa

Many businesses rely on Coupa to streamline the purchase requisition process. Coupa’s system guides employees through the often complicated purchase requisition and approval process, creating consistency across your organization.

Paired with UpKeep, Coupa can do even more with fulfilling important costs on your essential equipment. When an UpKeep admin approves a purchase order, Coupa takes that information and routes it through its purchase requisition and approval process to become a purchase order. Once a purchase order in coupa is received, your inventory in UpKeep is automatically updated and purchase orders are marked as fulfilled.

Time savings and increased team efficiency

Admins can make the best use of their time, as UpKeep and Coupa work their magic on approved purchase orders behind the scenes.  Once an admin approves a purchase order in UpKeep, all of that information is automatically transferred to Coupa. And just like that, an UpKeep purchase order becomes a Coupa requisition.

Increased communication across platforms

Purchase Order in UpKeep Coupa integration

When an admin approves a Purchase Order in UpKeep, it automatically becomes a Draft Purchase Requisition in Coupa.

The entire process of creating a purchase order to approval from start to finish now involves less duplicate and redundant steps. The new UpKeep Integration with Coupa increases the flow of information from technicians creating a purchase order to upper management in the approval process.

Once a requisition is created in Coupa, it is set to “draft” mode, so that users can review before sending it through the Coupa approval process. All important parties review the purchase requisition based on the process at your company.

When the requisition is turned into a purchase order, the purchase order number is automatically recorded in UpKeep. All information is accessible across multiple platforms for all important parties.

Automatically fulfill purchase orders and update parts in UpKeep 

Managing maintenance and operations is a 24/7 process, so each moment you spend matters. Admins in UpKeep can rest assured that all documentation of purchase orders happens in the background, while they focus what’s important to them – helping employees accomplish more for their teams and keep all equipment in strong working order.

When an admin marks a purchase order as received in Coupa, UpKeep automatically marks the corresponding work order as fulfilled. Additionally, your UpKeep inventory is updated according to the information in the initial purchase order.

Who can access the Coupa Integration

All admins on UpKeep’s Business Plus or Enterprise plans can set-up and use UpKeep’s Integration with Coupa. Make sure you are using the web (desktop) application of UpKeep and that you have an active Coupa account to get started.

We strongly recommend that the UpKeep Admin user who sets up the UpKeep-Coupa Integration is also an Admin user in the Coupa application.

How you can get started with Coupa Integration

For more information, contact UpKeep’s Customer Support Team or your Customer Success Manager today if you would like access to UpKeep’s Integration with Coupa.

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