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COVID-19 Recurring Cleaning and Sanitation

If you’re looking for resources on COVID-19 Recurring Cleaning while open, you’re in the right place! If you’re looking for resources on COVID-19 Reopening Best Practices, click here.

What’s Ahead?


As of June 2020, many states across the US are entering more advanced phases of reopening following shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all learn to navigate this new normal, and previously shutdown businesses reopen, there is a lot to consider in the process. It can feel overwhelming sorting through all of the new recommendations, policies, procedures and guidelines!

Adding to our collection of easy-to-digest, user-friendly resources and checklists, this blog post contains checklists for recurring cleaning and sanitation. A consistent cleaning and sanitation regimen is one way to maintain a healthy environment for your employees and customers.

This is a dynamic blog that will be expanded in the coming weeks and months as we create new checklists based on industry-leading guidance. If you don’t see a checklist for the industry or workplace you’re looking for, please let us know here what you’d like to see, and it may be the next list we create!

If you’re interested in COVID-19 reopening best practices checklists, check out this post!

COVID-19 Recurring Cleaning and Sanitation Checklists

Church Cleaning Checklist

This is a sanitation checklist for churches broken out based on areas within the church. It can be used for daily, weekly, monthly, and bi-annual cleanings.

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Cleaning and Disinfecting for Grocery Stores

This checklist is for grocery stores and other food retailers. It covers cleaning and sanitation best practices for frequently touched surfaces within these settings.

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Cleaning & Disinfecting for Fleets (Non-Emergency Vehicles)

This checklist is for fleets and any non-emergency vehicle operators. It provides best practices for cleaning and disinfecting vehicles during and after COVID-19.

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Safe Grocery Shopping

This checklist is for individuals looking to protect themselves with safety and cleaning steps as they grocery shop. It also provides sanitizing steps you can take upon returning home with groceries.

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Cleaning Checklist for Pharmacies

This cleaning checklist is for pharmacies looking to improve their sanitation practices during and after COVID-19. It is broken down by tasks that should be completed on an hourly, frequent and regular cadence.

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School Lunch Program Sanitation and Food Safety

This checklist covers food safety and sanitation for school lunch programs and is based on HACCP SOP. It can be used to guide internal inspections.

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Cleaning Checklist for Restaurants

This checklist is for restaurant employees. It contains cleaning tasks and is broken up based on tasks that should be done throughout the shift, before closing, and once a week.

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Cleaning Checklist for Grocery Store Employees

This checklist is for frontline employees who work in grocery stores. It contains tips for staying healthy while at work.

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COVID-19 Construction Site Inspection Checklist

This checklist is for construction site supervisors. It answers the question, ‘Should this construction site be shutdown today?’ due to insufficient COVID-19 precautions.

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Cleaning & Guidance for Mass Transit and Other Transportation Providers

This checklist is for mass transit and other transportation providers. It contains guidance on protecting transit employees and customers against COVID-19.

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Cleaning Checklist for Essential Workers Returning Home

This checklist is for essential workers. It contains guidance on cleaning and sanitizing yourself to minimize risk and protect your family from COVID-19.

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Cleaning Checklist & Guidance for Residential Landlords

This checklist is for residential landlords. It contains cleaning recommendations, general guidance, and procedural advice for responding to COVID-19.

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Cleaning Checklist for Schools

This checklist is for school employees. It covers cleaning, sanitation, and disinfecting practices to minimize the risk of COVID-19. It is broken up by area of the school.

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General Household Cleaning Checklist

This checklist is for homeowners, apartment dwellers, and anyone else who lives in or owns a space they want to keep clean and protect from COVID-19. It is broken out by area of the house.

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