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Downloadable Checklists – Direct Access

These checklists are for you to easily download and use and are saved in Excel format. They cover audits, inspections, COVID-19 best practices, return to work guidelines and more. All can be downloaded and edited to meet the needs of your business.

If you’re looking for additional context and checklists in a downloadable Google Sheets version, please visit this page.


SQF Fundamentals

SQF – Food Safety for Primary Production

SQF – Food Safety for Food Retail

SQF – Food Safety for Manufacturing

SQF – Food Safety for Manufacture of Food Packaging

SQF – Food Safety for Storage & Distribution

SQF – Food Quality



CAL/OSHA Hazard Assessment


Federal OSHA

School Lunch Program Food Safety

COVID-19 Construction Site Inspection Checklist

Good Manufacturing Practices Checklist


Recurring Cleaning & Sanitation

Manufacturing Routine Cleaning Checklist

Weekly Maintenance Cleaning Restaurant Checklist

Church Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Checklist for Pharmacies

Cleaning Checklist for Restaurants

COVID-19 Safe Home Grocery Shopping Checklist

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting for Grocery Stores

COVID-19 Cleaning Checklist for Grocery Store Employees

COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfecting for Fleets (Non-Emergency Vehicles)

COVID-19 Cleaning Checklist & Guidance for Mass Transit & Other Transportation Providers

COVID-19 Cleaning Checklist for Essential Workers Returning Home

COVID-19 Cleaning Checklist & Guidance for Residential Landlords

COVID-19 Cleaning Checklist for Schools

COVID-19 General Household Cleaning Checklist


COVID-19: Reopening Best Practices

COVID-19 Best Practices for Reopening Hotels and Lodging

COVID-19 Best Practices for Reopening Restaurants

COVID-19 Best Practices for Reopening Retail Stores

COVID-19 Best Practices for Reopening Food & Beverage Manufacturing Facilities

COVID-19 Best Practices for Reopening Child Care Facilities – A Checklist for Child Care Administrators