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Top 4 Challenges as a Facility Manager

Ryan Chan

As a facilities manager, what are your main challenges on a daily and ongoing basis?

Just to preface, I am not a facility manager myself. Instead, I have been in the trenches of working right next to facility managers and technicians. Now I work with facility managers to help improve their work flow process.

Here are some very common issues that we see many others face as a facility manager.

1 – They are constantly putting out fires

As a facility manager, without a good preventative maintenance program in place, you deal with putting out fires almost all day. You may get urgent calls and you are trying to figure out where to go and how to prioritize your tickets.

2 – Other departments don’t realize how understaffed the maintenance team is

I think this is one of the biggest concerns a lot of facility teams face. Without a tool to track how damn busy the facility team is, other departments expect their issues to take priority. I can’t see tell you how much this frustrates the facility team when they are understaffed and over worked. Even the best kept facilities deal with unforeseen breakdowns which may cause a complete shift in schedule. It is so critically important for their clients and others to understand what is going on.

3 – Balancing budget and expectations

As a facility manager, you are constantly budgeting team’s time and cost. You’ll constantly be asked to do more for a client, and while you want to provide exceptional service, it is also important to have the overall best interest of the client in mind. Sometimes that means saying no to a request. This can always be remedied with explanations of why you chose to go a particular direction, which gives them the confidence you have their best interests in mind.

4 – Recurring maintenance and setup is frustrating — especially when you shouldn’t need it

We’ve found what commonly happens is that a previous contractors didn’t follow the exact maintenance task or they would have find a temporary solution by changing the designs or implementing new installations without following drawings or building infrastructure. This often causes a facility manager to have to fix the same problem again a few months down the line which can be very frustrating



At UpKeep, we tried to alleviate these issues by helping create a work ticket system / CMMS for the team. We hope to move your facility team from reactive to preventative. With UpKeep, you can track who’s doing what and how much time/money was spent. You can create reports to show where time has been allocated with is critical for that year end review. I would be more than happy to help out as well if you’d like to email me personally at [email protected]

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