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What are a Facility Managers primary KPIs?

Ryan Chan

Interested in how other facilities track KPIs? Key Performance Indicators are extremely valuable in determining the efficiency of your maintenance team and facility status.

Here some frequently monitored KPI’s used for Facilities Managers:

  • Employee (user) satisfaction score
  • Workforce productivity
  • Work Order resolution times
  • Gross Facilities Management Costs per 1 m² or 1 ft²
  • Planned maintenance vs. reactive maintenance ration
  • Number of employee (user) complaints
  • Maintenance costs per 1 m² or 1 ft²
  • Operations costs 1 m² or 1 ft²
  • Utility costs per 1 m² or 1 ft²
  • Cleaning costs per 1 m² or 1 ft²
  • Security costs per 1 m² or 1 ft²

Here are some common sources to collect data on these KPI’s:

  • FM Information System
  • Finance System
  • Staff
  • Internal Surveys
  • Utility Companies
  • Service Companies
  • Vendors
  • Building Automation System
  • Energy Management System
  • Other Internal Systems

Interested in using software to help track your maintenance KPIs? Try out UpKeep — the #1 facility management software application for maintenance and facility teams.

Originally posted by Ben Howeden on Quora


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