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February 21, 2019: Updated email notifications, email notification settings, and required fields

Ryan Chan

You spoke up and we listened! This week’s release included updates to email notifications, email notification settings, and the request forms.

Our customers let us know their team members wanted the ability to customize their email notifications and have the power to decide which types of notifications they receive in their inbox. Users can now navigate to their Profile page and do exactly that! From their Profile page, users can bulk enable/disable email notifications and pick and choose which types of notifications they receive.

On top of that, we updated our email notifications to be more descriptive so the receiver can bypass the suspense that occurs between receiving a cryptic notification email and logging onto the Upkeep platform for more details. Users now have the necessary information required to take action from the moment they open their email!

We have learned from many our customers that data integrity is imperative when it comes to requests. Our clients wanted a way to enforce how requests are being submitted to ensure, right off the bat, they are given the necessary information needed to get a request completed as soon as possible. Not only can the preset options such as “Allow Requesters to Set Asset” or “Allow Requesters to set Location”, be required but admins can also set their customized form items to be required as well. We have enabled our customers to make these requirements in two ways.

Required fields can be set on the public request portal:

and the internal request form!:


Vendor Types is now listed in table view:

Some of our customers let us know they wanted an easier way to identify which of their vendors was the appropriate choice when assigning work orders. You spoke up, and we listened! We have added the “Vendor Type” category to the table view on the Vendors & Customers page. Now when users need to assign a vendor to a work order, they can take a quick glance at the table view and identify the appropriate vendor.

Upload button for limited technicians: 

Previously, limited technicians were unable to upload files to a work order. They now have the ability to upload files directly to a work order. Not only can they upload manufacturing guides and warranties, but they can also upload pictures and videos they take while on the job! A picture is worth 1,000 words but a video is worth 10,000. If you’re a limited technician, get out there and spread those words with your uploads!







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