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February 26, 2019: Work order timer and time log

Ryan Chan

If you thought Upkeep’s work order timer was helpful before, then you are in for a real treat. In our most recent update, we gave our timer a makeover and new tracking tools to help see the breakdown of time spent on the task at hand. Now, when a user opens a work order, they can navigate to the blue “Start Time” button and begin tracking their time spent on the given work order. Once they start their timer, they will be given their start time, an insightful snapshot of the total time spent on the specific work order, total time they have contributed, and the estimated amount of time required to get the job done.

That’s not all! They will also now be able to add additional time that wasn’t caught by the timer. When selecting the new “Add Time” option, the user can enter time on behalf of another user, the duration of time spent, and a category for the time.


If you’re wondering to yourself, how can I see a breakdown of the total time spent? Who else is putting in time on the task at hand? Have no fear! All of your questions can be answered simply by selecting the new “View Time Log” option at the bottom of the timer snapshot.

In this log, you can see the breakdown of who’s contributing to the work order, how much time each individual has contributed, and how they have categorized their time.

When viewing the log you can filter by time categories, people, or a combination of the two!



Mobile users now have the ability to assign Vendors to locations. We heard from our customers that the ability to know which vendors are associated with each location is needed to get a job done efficiently. They needed to know who to call for assistance when out in the field. We got your feedback and we took action. Mobile users can now log into their Upkeep app and navigate to Locations > Select a location > Select the pencil icon to edit > Vendor > Save.


Download the app and check out our new feature here!

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