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Giving Back – Mr. Campbell’s History Class at Attica High School

Ryan Chan

About the Cause

Mr. Campbell is a history teacher at Attica High School in Indiana! He has been teaching Dual Credit U.S. History, a college-level course, for the past three years. This course provides students with college credits upon completion.

As a part of the continued effort to increase the historical literacy of his students, Mr. Campbell hopes to read a monograph with his Dual Credit class this school year. A monograph is a deep historical analysis of a topic as opposed to the broad scope of topics in a textbook. The book chosen is Joshua Freeman’s “Behemoth,” a deep dive on the history of the massive factories that produce so many of the goods we consume. Mr. Campbell shared,

“This course challenges [my students] to think about events within their historical context as well as how they effect our lives today. Please help them gain valuable perspective not only on factories, but on how good history is written. Students often complain that history is boring; and admittedly it can be sometimes. What we find, however, is that often times some of the most simple thoughts and questions can lead to some of the most fascinating and engaging results.

The simple premise that drives Josh Freeman’s analysis is this — as you look around your home or office, where did most of this ‘stuff’ come from? The answer — massive. factories from around the world. But these factories have not always been scattered across the world, and Freeman takes the reader through the genesis of the large scale factory and the fascinating story of how products as large as a car and as small as an iPhone are made. My students will enjoy this novel if the project is funded.”

UpKeep’s Contribution

UpKeep is proud to support Mr. Campbell and his students learn more about the history of factories! Our donation helps Mr. Campbell purchase the books, as well as pay off any processing and fulfillment fees that come with the shipment.

At UpKeep, we believe that the youth are the future leaders of the world, and they will be key to pushing all industries, including maintenance and reliability, forward! Empowering our youth to become strong leaders begins by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to grow and thrive.

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