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Giving Back – Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation

Ryan Chan

UpKeep Donates to Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation (RWCF) was founded in 2018 to advocate for numerous causes, including healthy work environments in the hospitality and restaurant industry. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, RWCF’s full focus has become supporting workers, small business owners, and an entire industry in crisis by establishing a Restaurant Workers COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund.

According to their website, “Restaurant workers make up 10 percent of America’s workforce, and they are among the country’s most vulnerable populations. More than 2.45 million restaurant workers live in poverty, and only 14 percent receive employer-sponsored health benefits. As restaurants across the country cut hours, suspend business, and close for good, many restaurant workers will be faced with long-term loss of income. For months to come, they will need help accessing government benefits and mental health services, paying their rent, and feeding their families.”

We’re proud to donate to the RWCF’s COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund this week to help support workers and businesses facing economic hardships or health crises as a direct result of COVID-19.

While many of us have the option to work remotely or stay at home, folks here at UpKeep included, there are so many people who do not have that option. Our customers include those who are maintaining the physical infrastructure of restaurants and ensuring all equipment in those restaurants are running smoothly. As many restaurants continue to stay open to feed the masses through to-go orders and deliveries, it is crucial that everything is functioning properly. Thank you to all of the maintainers out there who support and sustain our world every single day, even during challenging times! The entire team at UpKeep is here for you!

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