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Giving Back – UpKeep Supports Black Girls Code

Why Black Girls Code

Data shows that women of color are greatly underrepresented in the tech industry.

UpKeep wants to lead the way when it comes to promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech space, so we’ve actively searched for resources that enable us to connect with and support diverse talent. Which is why we wanted to support Black Girls Code (BCG), an organization that strives to increase the number of women of color in the digital space! We want to make sure the next generation of software engineers, designers, and product managers is enriched by cultural diversity.

Our support of this amazing organization will empower women of color through community programs, education, and networking, which all directly aligns with our internal goals and values.

Our Team’s Response

To multiply our impact and increase awareness of BCG’s amazing work, UpKeep increased our donation for every teammate who also donated to Black Girls Code! And, we’re ecstatic about the turnout – with just a handful of examples of their generosity in the collage above! It was incredibly moving to witness the generosity, compassion, and kindness exhibited by the UpKeep team. We’re excited to do more good!

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