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Giving Back – UpKeep Supports Brea Olinda High School Students

Ryan Chan

About the Cause

Mrs. Augenstein, a teacher from Brea Olinda High School, is requesting lab equipment through DonorsChoose, a classroom funding site for teachers. The students she works with are enrolled in Career Technical Education (CTE) classes, which are classes designed to help students develop knowledge, skills, and abilities in a specific industry while exploring possible career paths. Mrs. Augenstein shares,

“Some students [in her course] will enter their family businesses after high school, some will be the first generation in their family to attend college, while most will go directly into the workforce. Our goal is to prepare students to enter the residential construction industry and help tackle the nationwide housing crisis. Many of my students are English Language Learners or in special education because our program focuses on project based learning (PBL) in a supportive environment. Our projects are often completed as teams where students come together and support one another to accomplish a goal.

The focus of the program is to simulate a real-life work environment as much as possible. Unfortunately, the signage and job site cleaning tools in her classroom are not what students will encounter in an actual workplace. And so, she is asking for support to fund materials that will help students learn to recognize and locate crucial safety items like fire extinguishers, eye wash stations, safety signage to avoid areas that are unsafe, safety gear, and more.

Showing Our Support

We are so proud to have this opportunity to help Mrs. Augenstein and her students! Our donation will help give her students the supplies and equipment they need to ensure that they learn safe workplace habits!

We are so thankful for teachers like Mrs. Augenstein and programs like CTE, building the next generation of tradesmen, architects, carpenters, and builders! These students will be the amazing heroes who support and sustain our world in the future!

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