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Giving Back — UpKeep Supports Serve Foundation

Ryan Chan

About the Cause

The Serve Foundation is dedicated to creating career opportunities for Detroit’s youth, while closing the skilled trades gap. The Serve Foundation shared,

“Over the next 5-10 years, there will be 461,000 job openings in the electrical field. That said, only 1 in 5 high school students will even consider entering the skilled trades.”

An ever present “skills gap” is growing at an alarming rate because there are not enough qualified apprentices to fill in the void left behind by retiring professionals. But, we believe the solutions lie in organizations like the Serve Foundation, that are creating educational opportunities for the younger generation and making the industry more enticing!

UpKeep’s Contribution

UpKeep is proud to support the Serve Foundation, where I donation was able to provide nine weeks of financial literacy training for one student!

All donations to the Serve Foundation will not only educate and bring awareness to the incredible careers in the skilled trades industry, but they will also give deserving youth the hard and soft skills necessary to embark on a career in this space.

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