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Giving Back – UpKeep Supports Women Repair Zone

Ryan Chan

About the Cause

Women Repair Zone is a small business where women instructors teach women home repair, home improvement, and auto maintenance skills in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. The organization’s vision is to see women achieve independence and save costs in basic home repair and automotive skills.

Although business was booming, Women Repair Zone suspended in-person workshops to prioritize safety in the midst of COVID-19. Due to the suspension, there has been no income to pay off their bills since March. Thus, Women Repair Zone has been raising funds to pay off their debt and its high interest rates.

The funds will further support Women Repair Zone when it is safe to offer in-person workshops again with limited occupancy. For now, they have launched online workshops to successfully pay off any new debt incurred for technology products needed to go fully remote.

UpKeep’s Contribution

We are proud to help Women Repair Zone become debt free so that they can continue to offer great workshops and provide more life-changing opportunities for women!

Bea Lurie, the Owner and Founder of Women Repair Zone, expressed to us,

“Thank you so much! We so appreciate your generous support of Women Repair Zone. I am so impressed by your CMMS product! What a much needed innovation to safe time and money! Have a great day!”

For any women interested in learning home repair and automotive skills, sign up for these upcoming, online, and affordable workshops:

  • DIY Maintenance for New and Older Vehicles
  • Planning and Planting Your Fall Garden
  • Successful Container Gardening
  • Hanging a Porch Swing
  • Building a Sliding Wooden Deck Gate
  • How to Hang Anything
  • Hanging a Ceiling Fan

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