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What are Some Most Helpful eBooks for a Facilities Manager?

Ryan Chan

There are a lot of good resources for Facility Managers out there! Some are in the context of e-books, others in the form of groups, and online resources. I’ll just point out a few that I know of.

IFMA is a great resource for facility managers around the globe. They are highly trusted and also hold several facility management conferences around the world. I highly suggest attending if you have not before! PS I have no affiliation to them, just a happy member.
1 – IFMA E-Book

**Facility Management LinkedIn Groups**
1 – Facility Managers, CMMS, Technicians
2 – CAFM Best Practices
3 – Facilities Management Group 

**Online Resources**
1 – What is Facility Management

You can reach out to me personally as well if there is anything else I can help out with! [email protected]
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