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How Maintenance Will Revolutionize the World (Full eBook Download)

Read the full eBook by Caitlyn Young and Ryan Chan about “How Maintenance Will Revolutionize the World”.

If we look at the maintenance hero’s journey, the metaphorical compass always appears to point north – following the path of technology.

Just a few short years ago, maintenance was done by hand and recorded correspondingly. Manufacturing plants would commonly wait until their equipment failed before making repairs. The maintenance hero was the worker who got there quickly and fire fought efficiently. They were the techs who stayed late, missing dinner with their families, scouring cabinets of paper files for insight into why equipment broke down in the first place. Their communication was done via a confusing hodge podge of platforms: email, hand-written notes, and phone calls, but they did it without complaint for the good of the business.

Maintenance techs were heroes for how quickly they reacted after an asset had broken down, and for the deep wells of facility knowledge that lived in their brains alone. Historical knowledge of a facility, its tips and tricks to get all of its assets working perfectly in sync, all left when technicians transitioned or retired.

This book is about the future of maintenance and how we believe it will change and revolutionize the future of our world as we know it today.

Download the full eBook below