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How to become the best facility manager — knowing your assets

Ryan Chan

As a facilities management leader, knowing the status of your assets, where they are located, and who is in charge of equipment repairs are essential to your role. Proper equipment organization at your facility can improve efficiency, maximize your bottom line, put more time in your hands, and prevent equipment breakdowns before they occur.

There are various methods to maintain organized equipment and updated technology has provided even more.

For instance, where years ago to track inventory you or your employee would manually have to record the number of assets in your possession, then slowly record them in a data or excel sheet, you can now quickly scan a product’s barcode using a mobile barcode scanner. The use of mobile barcode scanners and asset tagging has made staying on top of inventory a quick and painless process. Asset tagging is a method to track fixed assets with asset tags that are associated to an individual barcode or serial number. Once you scan the barcode for inventory with your mobile device, you can save and report it to an inventory log. An UPC scanner on the UpKeep mobile app is a great way to record inventory through asset tagging.

If you need more than asset tagging, owning an entire asset management software system is more comprehensive way to stay organized.

Many asset management systems, such as UpKeep, include bar-code scanner capabilities along with scheduling assistance, work order programs, push notifications, the ability to connect to the cloud and more. Customize UpKeep’s work order software for an intuitive experience, organization, and minimized downtime.

Another great piece of advice for staying organized is to update the system consistently in order to know where things are at all times.

Whenever a repair is made, take a picture and save it to the UpKeep app to update inventory. If there are additional details about an asset that need updating, simply open the app and make the change. With cloud accessibility, you can later access the data from anywhere. Our smart technology will create trend reports so that you know the next time to schedule a repair and can do so ahead of time. The system automatically updates in real time so that whenever a change is made, you can view it immediately.

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If you’re not sure how to tie all of these tips together for the best result, then simply download the UpKeep CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software). UpKeep makes it easy to integrate a modernized maintenance system into your business, cutting your work in half.

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