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If Disney Characters Wanted a Job at UpKeep

Ryan Chan

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Disney characters turned into real-life people? What would they be like and what jobs they would have? Well, the UpKeep team ardently thought about these questions and came up with exceptional results.

Meet Our Disney Recruits

Chip and Dale (Rescue Rangers) would be tremendous additions as UpKeep Technical Support Representatives. They truly value one of core company values, grit over prestige, as they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure any and all problems get solved. There is no case to big and no case to small that they can’t help solve.

Lewis Robinson would be great for an engineering position. Not only is he a boy genius (He’s exempt from the minimum age requirement, right?) and an “Inventor Extraordinaire”, but he exemplifies every core value of UpKeep. He has a passion to improve the lives of humankind and make the world a better place, putting emphasis on people over revenue. His motto of “keep moving forward” shows that he has grit and determination. He also embraces his failures which shows that he values progress over perfection.

Christopher Robin can be a Product Manager! Product management is all about creative solutions and listening to your customers. Who else can say they created a whole 100-acre wood for their target audience?

Switching the vibe slightly, we would like to refer our misunderstood friend, Hades. The victim of his own brother’s greed, Hades has experience managing an entire department (the underworld) on his own without other gods supporting him. At his last role, he put together a complex project plan that spanned 18 years! Although the project ultimately failed on a technicality, Hades demonstrated gritty resourcefulness as he rolled with changes quickly and strategically (Hercules is still alive? No problem.). He also embodied progress over perfection as he continued to delegate tasks to a team that had failed before. He’s persistent, hardworking and clever and we think he’d do well at UpKeep as a newly formed Head of Acquisitions.

Genie for Operations Manager! It feels like our Operations Team is capable of granting all of our wishes, so we thought Genie would fit right in! He is a big proponent of Mobile First innovations (he literally lives in a lamp). Not only that, but he truly believes in customer over revenue, treating his customers like royalty. We can honestly say, we have never met a friend like him.

Sully would be perfect for Sales! Sully, the top scarer at Monsters Inc., has generated over $557 million in revenue and successfully transitioned from scares to laughs in generating power for the city.

Last, but certainly not least, we think Cri-Kee would be a top notch Executive Assistant. His previous work experience? Well, Grandmother Fa hired him to to assist Mulan during her trip to the matchmaker. But, he ended up going above and beyond in his role and helped Mulan literally save China.

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