The Top 3 Benefits of Fleet Maintenance (and Why It’s More Important Than You May Think)

As a fleet owner, you may already be using a fleet tracking solution, which usually comes with a fleet maintenance solution on the side. Maybe it’s something you use, maybe not. Regardless, your fleet maintenance shouldn’t be a second priority.

2020 Work Orders in Review: Maintenance Teams and Resiliency

This past year, maintenance team members were tested in unthinkable ways.

The Best Startups to Work for in Los Angeles

The tech industry in Los Angeles is booming! Home of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles is rapidly evolving into a modern tech hub, set in the sandy dreamscapes of the technological cloud.. or clouds that beam with sunshine. In the city of dreams, it only makes natural sense that entrepreneurs would dream big and come up with huge business ideas. 

Managing stress while being part of a startup

The other day, I got asked the question, “How do you deal with the stresses of building a startup”? I hadn’t previously given this question too much thought because I never identified those feelings as stress. However, it forced to take a step back and think about what do to deal with challenging situations.

Improving Maintenance With The Internet of Things

Key Takeaways:

A guide to everything OEE and its relation to TEEP


The ultimate guide to creating a reliability centered maintenance program at your facility

Key Takeaways:

3 Benefits of Understanding Failure Codes

Combining failure codes with a CMMS can be an incredibly powerful diagnostic tool for maintenance organizations. Teams could become more productive and understand the reasons for machinery errors, by combining the two methods. If something is broken, the current mindset is that it needs to get fixed, regardless of why the equipment failed. However, this perspective undervalues failure codes. Instead, a facility manager could use failure codes to learn what's wrong with equipment or processes. These three key use cases for failure codes in a facility show why it is powerful to combine failure codes with a CMMS.

Shifting From Reactive to Reliability Centered Maintenance


Shifting From Reactive to Preventive Maintenance