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Introducing Custom Dashboards

At UpKeep, we constantly strive for a better way to view data to make better, more informed decisions about your facility and how you can improve as a team. However, after working with thousands of our different customers, we noticed that every single company had different metrics and KPIs that they wanted to report on. We created our custom reporting exactly for this purpose–to give you and your team the flexibility and customizability you need to get better insight into your facility.

**Note: Our out of the box reporting on the professional plan still remains and will continue to be managed, maintained, and improved***

Introducing UpKeep Custom Dashboards

Our new product line now gives you the full capabilities to customize your dashboard in the way that your business reports. Set it up on a TV in your maintenance room, share it with your executives, or get daily emails straight to your inbox. This is the power of what UpKeep’s Custom Dashboards can do


Choose from 200+ pre-made custom dashboards

We’ve made it easy for you to get set up and running immediately. For this reason, we built out over 200+ pre-made custom views so your team easily choose which reports you want and in what format. Once you’ve signed up for this product, you’ll work with your account manager to fully customize your dashboard to your needs. Here’s a short list of what you can choose from

  1. A list of all high priority open work orders
  2. # of open work orders
  3. # of closed work orders this week
  4. List of assets currently non-operational
  5. # of assets currently non-operational
  6. List of work orders completed in the last 7 days
  7. Average time work orders have been in the backlog
  8. Amount of time spent on a specific category of work orders list last week
  9. And so much more!

Don’t see one on the list? Contact our technical team and we’ll make it for you!

With our new feature, we have the ability to create dashboards with ease. Don’t see one on our list? No problem! Contact your account manager and we can work with you and your team to get it set up and added to your company’s dashboard.


Schedule daily snapshot reports to your email

We also offer the feature to get daily, weekly, or monthly snapshots straight to your email inbox. This makes it easy for your team to stay on track of what the highest priority items are. Want a separate dashboard sent to a different sub-set of people? No problem!


Custom URL to share

Password protect and share your dashboard with executives and managers so they know exactly what’s going on at all times. With our new customizable URL, you can share the link with anyone.


Fully customizable with drag and drop and resizing capabilities

Our custom dashboards gives you the ability to change colors, drag and drop, and resize to your needs. You can change colors, logos, and more!


How do I get started?

  1. Contact us today at [email protected] for pricing and to learn more
  2. Work with your account manager to choose the dashboards and the layout that you want
  3. Receive your own custom URL to share
  4. Set up additional email snapshots
  5. Go live in 24 hours or less!

It really is that easy!