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Introducing Group Collaboration and Messaging 2.0 in UpKeep!

Ryan Chan

UpKeep’s core value proposition has always been about mobilizing the workforce whether that means they’re out in the field completing jobs or out on the shop floor repairing a piece of equipment. Our drive is to improve communication and streamline the workflow between technician, requester, and manager.

Today, all of us at UpKeep are so excited to announce v2.0 of group messaging for UpKeep!

Group messaging adds real-time team collaboration and communication to the set of tools that drives your teams efficiency and productivity, all in one place. With mobility being one of UpKeep’s core value propositions, we know that collaboration from a mobile device is a key differentiator to our competitors.

Here’s what this new version means:

  • A technician out in the field will be able to communicate in real time with their other team members in real time
  • You’ll be able to create group chats, involve multiple people, or have a direct and private message with just a single person
  • No more text messages, sticky notes, phone calls, emails or voicemails!
  • ALL things maintenance and facility management related will be stored in one system so that you have a full history of what happened, who did what, and when!

Who this feature is available to

  • UpKeep offers a 100% free plan to help maintenance teams streamline their workflow and group messaging is part of that 100% free version!
  • No limitations to group messaging, full access to 100% of our users!

How to access the new UpKeep messaging!

  1. Sign into your UpKeep account here (if you don’t already have one, sign up for a 100% free account here)
  2. Head over to the “Messages” section in the app here!
  3. Start creating your groups and sending direct messages!

Let us know your feedback!

  • We, at UpKeep, LOVE feedback so please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think!
  • Thank you for all of your support for using us!

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