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Introducing Shared Work Orders!

Ryan Chan

Did you know that with UpKeep you can share work orders with contractors, administrators, and users outside of UpKeep? It’s one of our team’s favorite features that allow you and your team to take any work order and generate a URL that you can distribute with anyone! It’s so simple to use and incredibly powerful.

Here are some ideas:

  1. When a request comes in, share that work order with a contractor to get a quote! All of the work order details will be in that link for the contractor to see
  2. Once a work order is completed, share the work order with the person who requested it!
  3. Share work orders with your team or manager in case they were wondering about the status of it

There are so many different ways that shared work orders can be used and we’re excited for you to give it a try

Check it out here!

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