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iOS 3.55 October 25, 2019: Work Order Details Redesign and Set of Parts

Ryan Chan

UpKeep’s iOS users are in for a real treat this week! Our iOS team has worked very hard to deliver a complete work order details redesign! The new design of the work order details page was designed using real customer feedback we received from our customers who use our app every single day. We are always looking for the best ways to improve our app to make our customer’s job easier and their workflows as seamless as possible. We appreciate all of the feedback each of our customers give us we read each and every single piece of feedback that comes our way. Some highlights of the changes made are of course the new sleek look of the icons, statuses, and positioning of the timer and tasks. Let’s take a look at some before and after pictures to get a full look at the improvements made!






Set of Parts

UpKeep’s iOS users can now create sets of parts! Creating a set of parts allows users to group parts in their inventory so they can easily be added to an asset and/or work order with just one touch!

To take advantage of this new feature, UpKeepers can navigate to the “Part/Inventory” page and select the new “Set of Parts” tab at the top of the page. After creating a set or multiple sets, you will then see your sets appear as an option to assign to each asset and work order!

Log into your UpKeep app today to start creating those sets!

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