iOS Release 3.45 May 16, 2019: Meter Reading as a Form Item and Asset and Location Redesigns

The wait is over! UpKeep's iOS users can now add meter readings as a form item in their work orders. We heard from our customers that meter readings are a task that will commonly be required when conducting and completing a work order. We recognized that it was tedious to enter a meter reading on a work order as a numerical form item and then making the same update to the relevant meter. With this new addition, technicians can enter a meter reading directly to a work order and have it update the relevant meter in real-time.

March 27th, 2019 iOS Release 3.41: Single Sign On and Required Fields for Data Integrity

We've got some awesome new updates in our newest iOS release 3.41.

iOS: View Work Orders Offline

iOS 3.55 October 25, 2019: Work Order Details Redesign and Set of Parts

The Customer Success Team has successfully completed the SCARIEST team bonding of all time. Each year, Universal Studios decks out the lot in preparation for Halloween, and sets up elaborate horror mazes and terrifying rides. Our CS team went in eight-people strong, and had a blast taking on each scare as it came.

iOS Release Notes

August 21, 2020

iOS 3.51 August 23, 2019: Floor Plans


iOS 3.54.1 October 11, 2019: People & Team redesign

If you have been workin' on your UpKeep iOS app then you may have seen some sleek new looks on the People & Teams page. Not only will you see a new look but you will also notice a new filter! UpKeepers can now filter their lists by user role. Need to see all of the Technicians and Limited Technicians in your account in one view? No problem! Go ahead and set your filter and take a look at the list as you desire. Let's take a look at some before and after shots as well as some snapshots of the other pages that have gotten a face lift :D

UpKeep Updates: Mobile Technician Refresh!

Technicians can accomplish more work orders, with less work to get there.

February 26, 2019: Work order timer and time log

If you thought Upkeep's work order timer was helpful before, then you are in for a real treat. In our most recent update, we gave our timer a makeover and new tracking tools to help see the breakdown of time spent on the task at hand. Now, when a user opens a work order, they can navigate to the blue "Start Time" button and begin tracking their time spent on the given work order. Once they start their timer, they will be given their start time, an insightful snapshot of the total time spent on the specific work order, total time they have contributed, and the estimated amount of time required to get the job done.

April 2, 2019 iOS Release 3.43.1 Work Order Required Fields and Cost Tracking

Cost Tracking