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iOS Release 3.45 May 16, 2019: Meter Reading as a Form Item and Asset and Location Redesigns

Ryan Chan

The wait is over! UpKeep’s iOS users can now add meter readings as a form item in their work orders. We heard from our customers that meter readings are a task that will commonly be required when conducting and completing a work order. We recognized that it was tedious to enter a meter reading on a work order as a numerical form item and then making the same update to the relevant meter. With this new addition, technicians can enter a meter reading directly to a work order and have it update the relevant meter in real-time.


In addition to meter readings as a form item, users will notice a new and improved look of the Asset and Locations details pages. When viewing the details page an of an asset, our users will notice an improved design of the page tabs as well as a strategic update to the layout. The description for each asset has received a promotion and has moved its way on up to the top! Now the description is placed directly below the image and title of an asset so the description gets the attention it deserves and the viewer can gather the necessary information at first glance. In addition to the updated tabs and description location, we have also updated the design of the asset status to be highlighted in the designated status color to make it more clear and apparent which status the asset is currently in. Below is an example of an operational and non-operational asset with each designated status indicated:




When checking out the Locations details and edit pages, your first thought will probably be, “Wow, that looks sleek”. No need in describing the changes in words, lets take a look at the before and after to get a good visual of what has changed:

Before – Location Edit

After- Location Edit



In order to eliminate confusion, we have updated the way in which priority is communicated and replaced our use of exclamation marks with the clear statuses of Low, Medium, and High. iOS users will notice this change on work order and request details



Head on over to your UpKeep account and check out these awesome updates for yourself!

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