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iOS Release Notes

UpKeep 3.67

April 3, 2020

What’s New?

  • Changed the call to action across all major sections to be a blue + instead of the full word. This opens up more screen real-estate and addresses accessibility problems.
  • Removed slack integration from settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Work order list no longer intermediately crashes during scrolling.
  • Speech to text dictation in search bar no longer causes a crash.
  • App no longer crashes when attaching a photo in Intercom.

UpKeep 3.66

March 26, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • View only users can no longer toggle off required signature for work orders.
  • No longer error when trying to record location in user profile.


UpKeep 3.65

March 20, 2020

What’s New?

  • Users can now create comments on work orders while in Offline Mode.
  • Limited technicians are now restricted from viewing locations that are not assigned to them.
  • Completed work orders now show up under asset, location, and part details.
  • Users can no longer assign parent assets as sub-assets (this would previously remove the asset as a parent asset).
  • Limited technicians can no longer share work orders they did not create and can no longer view other user profiles.
  • Added additional file types to be viewed from public request portal files.

Bug Fixes

  • View only users can no longer edit Total Additional Costs.
  • Fixed an error in the calendar view for repeating work orders.
  • Fixed an issue when tagging users in tasks.