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January 31, 2020: Custom timer categories, API updates, and speed boosts

Ryan Chan


With our last web release of January, we’re excited to announce some new features!

Custom Timer Categories

There is no “once size fits all” in maintenance and as Albert Einstein theorized, “all time is relative”. At UpKeep we want to make sure our users are able to use the platform in a way that fits their business needs.

This is why we have added breadth to our custom categories with the addition of Custom Timer Categories! Admins can now customize their timers in the categories section of the web application!


These custom timers are then available to use when completing work orders.


Show time


API: Custom Asset Status

For our API users, we have expanded our Asset endpoints to include the custom asset statuses. You can scope the changes within our development documentation here.

Speed Boosts

We have made a number of infrastructure changes that have resulted in a 70% increase in performance optimization! This means your work orders, reports, and everything else will load much, much faster!


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